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2 months ago
Warning, evil call!!! Talk Talk scammers, calling from Indian callcentres set-up to steal our card details and money! Beware! This is not TalkTalk, they pretend that there is an issue with your broadband, and they need to log-in to your PC to fix it, or you need to make a small insignificant payment to fix it. Don't fall for this, it's a very dangerous scam.



⚠️If someone called you from 07766288374, saying that they are from your internet provider such as BT, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, or even Ofcom, and they are threatening to cut off your internet in the next 24 hours as there was a suspicious activity on your IP or router, rest assured that this is all fake and a scam, and no-one will cut-off your internet!

The people at the end of the line are India based scammers trying to steal your money, and the internet cut-off is a way to get you engaged to either hand them over your card details over the phone, or let them access your PC - then they will encrypt it and ask for a ransom!

Here is how this 07766288374 broadband scam works:

  • A robot calls you from 07766288374, and they say that there are from your broadband provider.
  • They state that there was a suspicious activity on your IP address or router, and that they will disconnect your service in 24h.
  • Then you'll need to press 1 to talk to the "technical department".
  • The guy or gal will try to sound very official and technical, and they will further convince you that there was a suspicious activity on your IP address.
  • Then there are 2 ways they go forward from here:
  • 1.) They try to take a small fee over the phone, and ask you to pay it with your card, including the 3 digits from the back. Once they have your card details, they will empty your bank account within minutes.
  • 2.) They will say that you need to give them access to your PC so they can fix the broadband issues remotely. Once they have access, you can say goodbye to your PC, as they will encrypt everything on it, and ask for a ransom to unlock it.
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