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4 months ago
This user reported a negative experience with this number.
4 months ago
HMRC Fraud case warning - except it's fake and a scam! Recorded message says press 1 or a warrant will be issued for your arrest. Lest to say these disgusting scammers can't issue warrants, and actually deserve one themselves!



If someone called you from 03002006926, pretending to be from HMRC and scared you that you will get arrested for unpaid tax, you can rest assured that this is a well known scam, and there is no case against you.

The people at the other end of the phone number 03002006926 are part of criminal gangs in India, who are stealing millions from innocent people like you and me in western countries.

The ultimate goal of the caller from 03002006926 is to get hold of your bank card details or to convince you to send them money via the phone, and the HMRC agent is just another pretext used to achieve that.

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