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Who called from 02844046001 - Comment
Who called from 02844046001
Who called from 02844046001



ļøIf someone called you from 02844046001, or if you received a message, saying saying that your Amazon Prime membership will be cancelled, do not panic and do not engage in any ways with the phone number, as this is a confirmed and well known scam!

The criminals at the other end of 02844046001 are dangerous people trying to get hold of your card details, and empty your bank account! The Amazon Prime cancellation is just a pretext to get you engaged and try to steal your financial details - once you hand them over your card details, your bank account will be emptied.

Here is how this 02844046001 Amazon Prime scam works:

  • You receive a robotic call or a message from 02844046001, stating that they are from Amazon, and your latest bill could not be processed, and that your account will be cancelled.
  • Then they can ask you one of the 2 things:
    • Press ONE to speak to an "Amazon representative"
    • Click on a link to log-in to Amazon (fake link)
  • After you engage with any of their request from above, you will be lured and persuaded into believing them, and giving away your bank card or internet banking login details.
  • Once these Amazon scammers from 02844046001 have those details, they will immediately try to spend as much money as possible from your account, sometimes buying items such as expensive cruise tickets, or luxury items online.
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02844046001 FAQ

āš ļø Who called me from 02844046001?

The scammer who called you from 02844046001 is an š—”š— š—”š—­š—¢š—” š—¦š—–š—”š— š— š—˜š—„. They usually pretend that your Prime account will be cancelled, or that there was an unknown transaction in your account.

āš ļø What's the purpose of this nasty š—”š— š—”š—­š—¢š—” š—¦š—–š—”š—  call?

This š—”š— š—”š—­š—¢š—” š—¦š—–š—”š—  caller behind 02844046001 wants one and only one thing: your money. They will try to get hold of your card details by stating that you they need to verify your identity and they need your card number or bank login details.

āš ļø Who is behind these š—”š— š—”š—­š—¢š—” š—¦š—–š—”š—  calls?

The scammers behind the 02844046001 scam number are India and Pakistan based criminals, using cutting edge technology to spoof/fake UK phone numbers and steal money from Western countries, pretending to be from various legitimate organisations.

āš ļø Where can I report 02844046001?

As a first step, please report the number here on to warn others. Then, let HMRC know about this number at [email protected], and contact police by calling 101. Also, contact your bank immediately if you have transferred money.

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