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1 week ago
scam fraud I got a call from UK number 02081411984 today, 15th Sept 2020, at 9.45 am. I was told that I am going to be arrested for tax evasion. The lady on the phone said her name is Rachel Woods, her badge ID is 21191LR, that my warrant ID was 2851965 and the case number was 892241761. She asked me to go online and check out the number for Central Criminal Court London and to check the number for enquiries , which is 020 7192 2739. Then she told me to hang up and she called me again from that number and insisted to continue telling me about my "options". At that point I told her that I thought that was fraud and I hung up. She immediately tried calling me again, I hung up again and she called again and I hung up again. I called the number above: 020 7192 2739 and I talked to someone who works in Central Criminal Court London, who informed me their number has been hacked and that I should report this to Action Fraud.
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