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A view of the sea
1 month ago
A heavily accented man said he was from ?! *!? Company & launched into the 'script' they have in front of them! I asked him to repeat the company name. He did, but it was still unintelligible & proceeded with his script! Saying he just wanted to ask a few simple questions... I interrupted saying, "Sorry. I can't answer 'simple' questions, they're beyond my capabilities!" He obviously didn't know what to say (language barrier/no sense of humour/my script doesn't cover this) so he continued with the questions! Q. The house you lived in, is it rented; part rent/part buy; still paying a mortgage; or, is it mortgage free, you own it outright???? I was tempted to say, "the room is rented nightly, on a hourly basis"! But I guessed he wouldn't 'get' my sense of humour and it wasn't in his script! I sat in silence & said nothing (he never said I had to answer his questions!) Plus, the call was free, not costing me anything except my time! And sad but true, I get pleasure irritating those whose intention it is to irritate me! So after a long silence he repeated the question - again I said nothing. He said, "Ma'm, it will be in your favour to answer the questions!" I said, "Really? Why? What will I receive?" Sensing his growing irritation, he said, "I will tell you at the end"! Trying desperately not to laugh out loud, I said "Oooooow!" He repeated the question again, so I replied, "No comment". He asked next question and another, Ann's another - I kept replying "No comment". He asked another but added, No comment I assume? Then hung up! How rude! 🤣
A view of the sea
1 month ago
Said he was from a company called Lifestyle. Said he would not bother me again if I answered some questions. He asked a question about my house. I said I was not going to tell him. He told me to "get lost" and hung up.
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